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At Sterling Administration, we believe that organizations should be able to spend time doing what they do best: living the vision and mission of their company. Time and energy spent on expense recording are not going towards fostering a thriving successful company! We aim to help our clients with saving time, optimizing their accounting resources, and realizing peace of mind through our easy-to-use and scalable platform – Sterling Reimbursement Solutions.


Our software moves seamlessly between expense submission, approval, and reporting analytics pages. Creating new users and customizing the software to your specific needs is quick, and easy.


Take photos of receipts, and upload expense reports on-the-go with your smart phone. Approvers can review, approve, and send back reports all from the touch of a button on their mobile device.


Seeing how your organization spends money has never been easier to view and analyze. Our system is robust, and can be built specifically for your business. We offer standard and custom expense analytics and support of your expense policies, limits, and internal controls.


Sterling Expense Reimbursement

Sterling Expense Reimbursement is part of Sterling Administration, a privately held and financially self-sustaining company. Our expense software is built around a highly dynamic database with robust and easy to use user-interface. The proprietary platform was designed specifically around expense reimbursement for any size company. It is hosted on powerful servers and accessible online and from any mobile device.

Our Goal: Leverage today's technology to simplify the process

Employees and managers can access information about their expense reports, manage transactions, and perform various analytics.

On-the-go? Convenience at your fingertips!

Access SRS mobile website anytime, anywhere. Mobile website provides an easy way to capture/upload receipts, submit expense claims for approval and if you are a manager, review and approve/deny/send back expense claims.

You can find us at 1000 Broadway #250, Oakland, CA 94607

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